Flor Colibri Negro - Huarache Bordado en Piel Negra

Flor Colibri Negro - Huarache Bordado en Piel Negra

Huaracheria El Pequeno Gigante
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Black Colibri Huarache bordado en piel negra. Embroidered design on Black Leather. Mexican huarache sandal with TOP QUALITY leather which is often use to make seat covers for Luxury cars and airplanes. The bottom of this huarache is a special in-house designed tired sole. The inside of the sandal is covered with cushion that protects your foot. It will required you to wear them around to break in the leather and mold to your feet. This sandal is glued, sewed and stapled together to bring you quality shoe that will last you for years to come.


  • If you wear a half-size shoe (ex: 4.5 US), please order a half-size up (ex: 25 MEX/8US)
  • At first the huarache could fit a bit tight, but after a few wears the leather will stretch and mold perfectly to your foot.
  • All of our huaraches come in MEX size.
  • Printed size is abbreviated in MEX size not US size (ex: 24 will be printed as 4).
  • ONLY EXCHANGES - No Returns or Refunds

Our huaraches are handmade using 100% TOP QUALITY LEATHER. All of our huaraches are made in MEXICO.